Anaïs Lellouche is an art consultancy that partners with Visionary Artists, Collectors and Communities. We create unique art experiences, matching the right artists with clients and managing all aspects of art activations.

We connect our clients’ vanguard visions with those of visionary artists.

Anaïs Lellouche works with collectors and institutions to foster endeavours which benefit the cultural sector. We support and collaborate with individuals and organisations dedicated to organising break-through creative projects and initiatives.

We aim to support a range of art projects that are philanthropically focused and make sure that our practice is dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging artists, collectors and visionaries to benefit socio-cultural development.

As a co-founder of the The INSPIRE Art Award, part of our proceeds are redistributed to the fundraising and financial support of the award. We support and organise a number of events which facilitate collaborations between art and charitable foundations.

Anaïs Lellouche in front of a work by Portia Zvavahera.Courtesy the artist, David Zwirner and Anaïs Lellouche

Anaïs Lellouche in front of a work by Portia Zvavahera.Courtesy the artist, David Zwirner and Anaïs Lellouche

Anaïs Lellouche is a curator and art consultant based in London. She founded the eponymous art agency, which ‘Collaborates with Visionary Artists, Collectors and Communities’. She advises collectors and foundations, offering research-based and strategic collection development, drawn from a network of curatorial associates and galleries around the world.

Her curatorial expertise was forged working in leading museums, such as the Centre Pompidou in Metz and the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. Her art-market acumen was developed leading the pre-eminent Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne and at Sotheby’s in New York.

Lellouche has curated shows by some of the most visionary artists working today. Including global pioneers such as Daniel Buren and Sol LeWitt, to vanguard artists Oliver Beer, Marguerite Humeau, Chiharu Shiota and many more. Lellouche is an expert in public art, having led complex urban projects including with Expo2020 in Dubai, Nuit Blanche in Paris, White Night in Melbourne and Creative Time in New York.

She is an ambassador for international collectors’ groups, such as The Cultivist and the Guest Club, curating programmes of studio visits and private collections, and leading collectors through art fairs and biennales.

She sits on the advisory board of INSPIRE, Peace Research Institute in Oslo and is the co-founder of the INSPIRE Art Award, which supports artists who have experienced violent conflict. She holds an MA from Bard College, Centre for Curatorial Studies in the State of New York. She regularly publishes and teaches on contemporary art, public art and collecting, including for Centre Pompidou-Metz, Creative Time, State Library of Victoria and Quintessentially.

Arielle Lande
Curatorial Advisor

Based in London, Arielle Lande is an arts professional; an experienced researcher and writer, highly skilled in digital communications and social media as well as event management and coordination.

Arielle graduated with a first class degree in History of Art and Spanish from the University of Leeds. She completed her dissertation on the visual representation of Los Desaparecidos in Colombia and Argentina. Since graduating, she has worked in a cultural communications agency and several high profile contemporary art galleries.