Portia Zvavahera
Exhibition Tour

at David Zwirner

Anaïs Lellouche on Portia Zvavahera at David Zwirner, 2020.
Film directed by John O’Rourke.
Courtesy of the artist, David Zwirner and John O’Rourke.

I took my rest in sleep and then I awoke for He sustained me.

Join Anaïs Lellouche as she takes you on a tour of Portia Zvavahera's exhibition and her first solo presentation in Europe, Ndakavata pasi ndikamutswa nekuti anonditsigira, at David Zwirner.

Zvavahera's work explores emotions, dream states and realms beyond the ordinary. She uses vivid imagery in her works to display a wide variety of emotion and topics: life, death, pain, pleasure, love, loss. Her art really is an insight into her own personal life that she shares with the audience.
Zvavahera’s compositions draw on traditions of figuration in Zimbabwe, first expressed in the work of Thomas Mukarobgwa in the 1960s.


Portia Zvavahera (b. 1985, Harare) currently lives in and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. She studied at the BAT Visual Arts Studio and after obtained a Diploma in Visual Arts from Harare Polytechnic in 2006.

A talented colourist, Zvavahera presents dreamscapes in her works that focus on premonitions of futures and unresolved pasts.

Her works have been shown at: Stevenson (Cape Town and Johannesburg); Marc Foxx Gallery (Los Angeles); Upper Room at David Zwirner (London); The Institute of Contemporary Art Indian Ocean (Mauritius); De 11 Lijnen (Belgium) and The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe). Zvhavahera represented Zimbabwe at the 55th Venice Biennale as part of the exhibition Dudziro: Interrogating the Visions of Religious Beliefs at the Zimbabwean Pavilion in 2013.